The professionals at Joint Manual Physical Therapy are trained to address your personal health concerns with sensitivity and compassion, creating a treatment plan centered around your unique needs. Our goal is to assist you in your journey of overcoming the conditions that cause you pain, keeping you from living your life to the fullest.

Initial Assessment

Your comfort and privacy are important to us. Your initial assessment, along with all necessary follow-up treatments, is performed in a private and comfortable room where you will work one-on-one with your personal therapist for the entire duration of your program.

During your initial assessment, we will obtain your comprehensive medical history for our records, perform a thorough physical examination to assess your needs and begin your personal and individualized treatment. Because enhancing your quality of life is our main objective, during this time, your therapist will also instruct you on your personalized life-changing program.

Here is a breakdown of what your initial physical examination will involve:

    • Joint testing
    • Neurological testing
    • Muscle testing for strength and mobility
    • Visceral examination
    • Postural examination
    • Ergonomic examination
    • Impact of current lifestyle, diet and exercise
Customized Care

An individualized treatment plan is designed for your specific needs. Your progress is monitored each visit to optimize the process and to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate care. During this time, you will be educated in an appropriate exercise program that fits your lifestyle. Every joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve and organ that has an impact on your infertility, pain or dysfunction is addressed simultaneously, resulting in whole body healing with fewer sessions and decreased healing time.

Our facility caters to a variety of orthopedic conditions, including:

Ankle Pain
Auto Accident Injuries
Elbow Pain
Foot Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Lower Back Pain
Muscle and Joint pain
Muscle Weakness

Neck Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Piriformis Syndrome
Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cuff Injury
SI Joint Pain and Dysfunction
Thoracic Pain
Wrist Pain and more…

Because of our attentive staff and focus on individual healing, our patient population is diverse, ranging from spinal, shoulder and elbow injuries to hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries. Combining therapeutic exercise, modalities and manual therapy techniques in a physical therapy program allows the patient the opportunity to improve their strength, stability, and flexibility; as well as promotes healing in the injured areas.

JEMPT has found great success with hundreds of people who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Most patients are unaware that there is help and relief outside of medication and surgery. All parts of the body that may have some causative association with musculoskeletal dysfunction should be examined and treated. Our therapists are well trained to address each of the factors which results in rapid pain and symptom reduction. After years (for some, 10 years or more) of suffering, our patients’ lives are changed in a matter of weeks, with many radically decreasing or completely eliminating their need for medication as well as avoiding surgery through our highly specialized treatment.

The human body is a complex system that is dependent on the health & well being of the joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, arterial supply, and the viscera. This highly complex system demands more than stretching and strengthening exercises for optimal healing. With this philosophy of care, our patients experience excellent results and rapid return to full recovery.