maintains a caring, confidential and supportive atmosphere at all times, addressing your personal health concerns with sensitivity and compassion to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Our goal is to help you overcome the conditions that cause you pain and dysfunction, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

Initial Assessment

Because comfort is of the utmost concern, your initial assessment, along with all necessary follow-up treatments, is performed in a private and comfortable room where you will work one-on-one with a compassionate and personal therapist for the entire duration of your program.

During your initial assessment, we will obtain your comprehensive medical history for our records, perform a thorough physical examination to assess your needs and begin your personal and individualized treatment. Because enhancing your quality of life is our main objective, during this time your therapist will also instruct you on your personalized life-changing program.

Here is a breakdown of what your initial physical examination will involve:

    • Joint testing
    • Neurological testing
    • Muscle testing for strength and mobility
    • Pelvic Floor examination
    • Visceral examination
    • Postural examination
    • Ergonomic examination (Assessing work and home environment, bed, pillows, chairs, etc.)
    • Impact of current lifestyle, diet and exercise
Catered Care

An individualized treatment plan is designed for your specific needs. Your progress is monitored each visit to optimize the process and to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate care. During this time, you will be educated in an appropriate exercise program that fits your lifestyle. Every joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve and organ that has an impact on your infertility, pain or dysfunction is addressed simultaneously, resulting in whole body healing with fewer sessions and decreased healing time.

Pelvic Floor Pain & Dysfunctions

Many patients with urinary, bowel and/or sexual symptoms and/or pelvic pain often have dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles - specifically, a group of muscles called the Levator Ani and Obturator Internus. These muscles lie between the pubic bone and tailbone and are responsible for bladder and bowel control as well as sexual functioning. When these muscles are tight, they can cause pain and/or dysfunction of the bladder, bowel, and genitals (sexual organs). Physical Therapy is indicated as part of a multi-disciplinary medical intervention and proper treatment can minimize and eradicate these perplexing symptoms.

JEMPT specializes in tending to your needs and dysfunctions with the goal of relieving you of your pain and symptoms, bringing you back to health.

There are many reasons for painful intercourse. Through physical therapy, relaxation techniques and exercise and scar tissue massage (if you’ve had an episiotomy or hysterectomy) together, we can decrease your pain and move towards healing.


Tailbone pain is caused by problems with the muscles of the pelvic floor attached to the tailbone. Muscle tightness or myofascial trigger points can cause this pain, but your physical therapist is trained to normalize the tight muscles and tissue with manual therapy techniques.


Tailbone pain is caused by problems with the muscles of the pelvic floor attached to the tailbone. Muscle tightness or myofascial trigger points can cause this pain, but your physical therapist is trained to normalize the tight muscles and tissue with manual therapy techniques.

Vulvodynia/Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome/Vaginismus

Symptoms of vulvar pain can be caused by tight pelvic floor muscles, connective tissue restrictions, and nerve irritability. Connective tissue restrictions in the vulvar tissue lead to decreased blood flow resulting in tissue hypersensitivity and tight pelvic floor muscles or pelvic floor myofascial trigger points can refer pain to the vulvar tissue or vagina. We take great care in alleviating your pain through safe, therapeutic techniques.


Endometriosis is when endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus. Because of the viscero-somatic reflex, endometriosis can cause musculoskeletal impairments including abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tightness and myofascial trigger points, connective tissue restrictions, and nerve hypersensitivity.


Once menstruation begins, and over the next several decades, many women suffer from some degree of dysmenorrhea, or pain, during their monthly menstrual cycle. Symptoms can range from slight irritability to intestinal upset, severe cramping, and even fainting.

Pregnancy and Post Partum pain

The incision from a Cesarean Section can cause connective tissue restrictions and myofascial trigger points in the abdominal muscles which both commonly contribute to urinary dysfunction, suprapubic and/or abdominal pain and dyspareunia.


The bladder and urethra lie very close to the pelvic floor muscles. When these muscles become tight they can create cystitis. Concurrently, because of the viscero-somatic reflex, bladder disease can cause musculoskeletal impairments.

Definitions adapted from The American Physical Therapist Association

Quality, Life-changing Treatment for Infertility

Experience full body healing from day one. As each of your problem areas are addressed; pain and dysfunction are eliminated and these improvements increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally, while simultaneously improving your health and quality of life.

Our program is healthy, natural, safe, non-surgical and addresses the root causes of reproductive problems through innovative manual orthopedic and visceral techniques while providing a healthy framework to become pregnant naturally or alternatively, to help Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF, GIFT,etc).

Adhesions and poor reproductive mechanics cause nearly half of all female infertility. Joint Effort’s approach uses non-surgical advanced orthopedic and soft tissue techniques to improve blood flow and joint mobility, mobility of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, and decrease muscle spasms and adhesions in or around the reproductive organs. This distinctive treatment results in improved reproductive function, providing your body with multiple opportunities to become pregnant naturally while improving your health and overall wellbeing.