The key concept of JEMPT’s manual therapy interventions is to provide the optimal environment for your body to heal by normalizing joint mechanics, joint stability, organ function, as well as soft tissue length, strength and balance. This provides the optimal environment for your body to heal naturally and to return to pain free living.

Many men and women are unaware that there is help outside of medication and surgery. After years (for some 10 years or more) of suffering, their lives are changed in a matter of weeks with this highly specialized treatment.

An estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disease, disorder or accident. An additional 25 million people suffer acute pain resulting from surgery or accident. Untreated pain has a significant impact on the pain sufferer and his/her family and has a negative impact on the individual's quality of life. Pain diminishes the ability to concentrate, do a job, exercise, socialize, perform daily tasks and even effects sleep. These feelings may be exacerbated by the failure of medication and/or surgery to offer permanent pain and symptom resolution.

The Methodology

The focus of our practice is the advanced biomechanical assessment of the musculoskeletal and visceral system for orthopedic, lumbopelvic, obstetric, gynecologic, urologic, and colorectal conditions.

During your initial assessment, we will obtain your comprehensive medical history for our records, perform a thorough physical examination to assess your needs and begin your personal and individualized treatment. Because enhancing your quality of life is our main objective, during this time your therapist will also instruct you on your personalized life-changing program.

Here is a breakdown of what your initial physical examination will involve:

    • Joint testing
    • Neurological testing
    • Muscle testing for strength and mobility
    • Pelvic Floor examination
    • Visceral examination
    • Postural examination
    • Ergonomic examination
      Assessing work & home environment (bed, pillows, chairs, etc.)
    • Impact of current lifestyle, diet and exercise

Once all of the necessary information is gathered, your personal therapist will create a and implement a customized program for your specific needs, in order to allow your body the optimal environment to heal. Continue reading for further information on individualized treatment.

We exam and treat every structure that has an impact on your pain or infertility and symptoms. We examine the way each joint moves and whether or not it moves properly. Before moving forward, we ask the questions:

why isn’t the joint moving properly? What is hindering it? 

If you are experiencing more than a joint problem, we examine the motility and mobility of each organ and why it isn't functioning properly based on the surrounding joints, blood supply, nerve conduction and soft tissue.

Dedicated & Customized Care

Through an individualized treatment plan that is personally customized for your specific needs, every joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve and organ that has an impact on your infertility, pain or dysfunction is addressed simultaneously, resulting in whole body healing with fewer sessions and decreased healing time.

Your progress is monitored each visit to optimize the process and to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate care. During this time, you will be educated in an appropriate exercise program that fits your lifestyle.

For example, in infertility - if there are adhesions or scar tissue around the ovary, a patient may experience irregular or painful periods - but these symptoms can also come from dysfunctions in the lower back and sacroilliac joint as they provide the blood supply and nerve innervations for the reproductive organs. Because of this, we assess all of the potential structural causes of infertility. If the cause is scar tissue or adhesions - we use our hands to gently and safely break up the adhesions to free the ovary and surrounding structures. This allows the ovary to return to its normal function naturally. Many times however, it is not just the scar tissue or adhesions alone, but a combination of this along with restrictions in the lumbar spine and pelvis. Whenever there is a joint restriction, the body will develop compensatory patterns to continue to function and unfortunately, the body does not seek ways to function with quality but instead, efficiency. We address the primary causes of the infertility, pain, or other symptoms and all of the accompanied compensatory patterns.

Because we spend the time necessary and address the joints, soft tissue and viscera simultaneously, your body is given the healthiest environment to heal naturally. As we address each of the structures involved at once, your body requires fewer adjustments and decreased healing time. This results in whole body healing and health, which allows a person to start healing and to start living.

Essential Recovery Techniques:

  • Spinal and extremity joint mobilization and manipulation to improve joint mechanics to regain range of motion.
  • Visceral manipulation
  • Soft tissue mobilization to decrease trigger points, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and stretch tight tissues.
  • Therapeutic techniques designed to improve movement patterns through neuromuscular re-education, motor control training, and core stabilization training.

  • Electrotherapeutic and mechanical agents for pain modulation and muscle spasm reduction.
  • Postural Re-education
  • Identify Perpetuating Factors
  • Patient education