For Physicians

Thank you for taking the time to visit Joint Effort Manual Physical Therapy’s site to research our program. We truly appreciate the interest you have shown in taking time from your busy schedule to learn how our program can assist you and the treatment of your patient.

As the referring physician, you are always in charge of the case. Our therapy is an adjunct to your good care.
We will design our protocols around your diagnosis and prescription and send you a report promptly for your review. We will never refer your patients to other providers.
We will always contact you with any questions or concerns we have and will communicate regularly with written progress reports as to your patient's subjective and objective improvement.
The care we provide at Joint Effort Manual Physical Therapy is second to none. We will give our full attention to your patient and design a program that is safe, progressive and educational.
With extensive expertise treating men and women with adhesions, chronic musculoskeletal and abdominopelvic pain, we provide a conservative, low risk treatment approach for clients with pain, impaired movement or function. Please review our research page for more information. (link)

Please feel free to call us at 407-628-9436 with any questions you may have.

Joint Effort Manual Physical Therapy